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Book Alyosha for your next event or group outing! Private charters for up to 12 people are available on request.  There are TWO WAYS to book a Private Charter on Alyosha. The first is very straightforward: There is a link under the "How Many Seats?" question that will allow you to indicate that you want to book the entire boat for a selected timeframe, if you do this, the price will recalculate and you will have Alyosha to yourself! You can also try to arrange a private charter for a time when we have nothing booked (like mornings, etc...) or when you want to combine two time slots for a longer adventure. You will need to contact Captain Steve ( to see if something can be arranged. You can learn more about Private Charters by clicking here.. Please note, the list below is for Private Charters that have already been set up, and are not available to the public.

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