Moonlight Sailing on Alyosha

Trip Summary

An Experience Unlike Anything Else...

There are only about 5-6 nights over the course of a summer where everything falls into place for a truly magical experience: sailing under the stars and moon in the Atlantic Ocean… If the Atlantic is too rough, we have also have had incredible experiences sailing under a full moon behind Assateague Island. This will be the Captain's choice based on conditions.

This trip will only be conducted if the conditions are perfect: light winds, clear skies, and a gentle sea. If we don't get the right conditions, your trip will be fully refunded, no questions asked! But if we do: prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience! This trip generally happens less than 50% of the time it is scheduled- BY DESIGN! In some ways it is a perfect guarantee: Either you get great moon viewing, peaceful sailing conditions, OR YOU GET A REFUND.

A personal favorite of your captain, sailing under a full moon provides an unforgettable commune with nature that will have you reflecting on all of the sailors who have bravely gone to sea in search of opportunity. When this trip happens, it is magical- easily our favorite experience to offer customers!

This trip will depart promptly at the stated departure time from the pier alongside of PIER 23 in West Ocean City Harbor. (Actual address: 12817 Harbor Road, Ocean City, 21842)

For this specific trip, weather is everything! The staff at Sail Alyosha will be in communication with you (likely frequently) on the day of the trip to ensure the weather conditions are perfect: light winds, gentle seas and clear skies. Bring an extra layer and an "appropriate" quantity of your favorite beverage. This is a chance to experience the magic of the sea. No children under the age of 16 are permitted on this trip. In order to make sure everyone has the optimum experience and has room to really be comfortable, we will only take up to 8 passengers on this trip.

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