OC Air Show Viewing On Alyosha

Trip Summary

VIP Viewing, check! An exclusive opportunity to enjoy OC's kick off to the summer season, check! Come out to sea with Captain Steve and view the Ocean City 2023 Air Show from the water. If conditions allow, we will anchor Alyosha approximately 2.2 miles offshore- just outside the exclusion zone- (in about 35 feet of water) and enjoy the Air Show with all of the trimmings of a 50' catamaran! If conditions don't allow, then we will find a spot near Assateague Island on the bayside. Restrooms are available and feel free to bring your own food and beverages. There is also a coldbox and refrigerator available onboard.

This trip will be heavily weather dependent. We need a good forecast without strong winds (can't believe we are actually looking for less wind!) and a mild sea state in order to make this a comfortable experience. If the conditions are not right for viewing the show from the ocean there will be an option for watching the show from Alyosha anchored off of Assateague Island. Wherever we end up, you will be able to unwind, relax, and really enjoy the Air Show.

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