Hands on Sailing- Deep Immersion

Trip Summary

Command & Crew the boat that sailed the world!

Ever wonder what it is like to actually try to dock a 50' sailboat in a tight harbor? Want to experience the thrill of manning the helm, raising the sails and setting a course for adventure? Or how about this: Unable to sit still and would rather be doing something because that's how you're wired to relax? Then we have the perfect trip for you!

A Brand New, Fully Revamped 2024 Experience:

Join us for a hands on sailing adventure that will have you and all other customers completely handle EVERY aspect of a 4 hour sailing adventure! You will be expected to review a brief guide to staying safe on Alyosha beforehand, and there will be a 10-15 minute orientation at the beginning of this trip to ensure everyone stays safe! Then, you can expect to be put to work at the helm, on the sails, or in a variety of other capacities! Captain Steve's perfect vision of this trip is to use his voice (and kind, patient demeanor) to direct everyone successfully navigate Alyosha through a sailing ocean experience!

Captain Steve Butz has over 35 years of sailing experience and recently completed a circumnavigation on Alyosha. He has logged over 50,000 nautical miles on the boat. You and your fellow guests will be in good hands.

Additionally, Steve will do his best to explain the physics behind sailing and is happy to “go deep” with answering any and all of your questions.

No question is off limits as Steve is happy to pursue whatever topics interest sailors looking to boost their knowledge or stoke the interest of newbys to the sport. This trip- which is a longer experience at 4+ hours- is for those wanting more than just a ride in the Atlantic Ocean. You will leave with a deeper appreciation of the sport of sailing and the physics behind it.

Please note: If you just want to get out there and sail, and this is the most convenient time for you, by all means please book the trip! We have many “Hands On” sailors who actually prefer to just chill out and relax and let others do the work. Also, we have many couples choosing this trip where only one member really wants the "hands on" part! That is fine: This trip is exactly as engaging as you want it to be.

We only allow 8 people on this trip to ensure everyone is able to get some "hands on" experience.

Trips on Alyosha depart promptly at the scheduled time from the berth alongside of Pier 23 restaurant in Ocean City Harbor. (Actual address is 12817 Harbor Road, Ocean City 21842)

Hands On Sailing day trips will generally last at least 4 hours- it is one of our longest experiences. We will go through the OC Inlet (often the roughest part of the entire journey) and then let the wind dictate the triangular shape we will sail. We do make an effort on the Hands On Sailing trips to try to get all of the sails working.

Ocean Sailing is something that can be a once in a lifetime experience and even a gateway into the sport of sailing. Join us and experience an incredible way to see "the other side" of Ocean City. 

What to expect:

Keep in mind that this experience is real open ocean sailing! The Captain and Crew have yet to be able to control the wind and seas...although there is no lack of effort on that account! Typically June, July and August on the Atlantic Coast features gentle, rolling swells as a "seabreeze" builds throughout the day. But not everyday is "typical."

Alyosha is a big, stable sailing catamaran, and she sails flat. But there is plenty of motion in ocean sailing and if you are prone to seasickness then you should plan to take some preventative medicine BEFORE we leave the dock. (If you get sick, it is too late!) We recommend "Bonine" or "Dramamine". If you are on the fence after reading this: Please take a look at our “Seasickness Guide!”

This trip is, of course, weather dependent. If the captain feels that there is any risk given the conditions of a particular day, including a forecast that doesn't look promising, then the trip will be cancelled. You will receive a full refund in the event of any cancellation.

Specific Hands On Sailing Expectations

People choosing this "Hands On" sailing experience are expected to be in good physical shape and be willing to sign a fitness waiver before participating. Participants will be given a chance to "re-confirm" their desire for a "Hands On" experience at the onset of the trip. It is no problem at all if participants decide, based on the conditions, to participate a bit less than they had planned. Additionally, we understand that some participants are choosing the "Hands On" experience to accompany a friend- again, no worries at all if this is the case.

Safety is paramount on this trip. Any customer looking to participate should review our orientation guide (which will be reiterated at the start of the trip).

Hands on Sailing Extra Credit: Sailing gloves. If you have them, bring them. We do have a few extra pairs onboard as well. Not required.

What else to bring:

Alyosha has plenty of bottled water for customers. Feel free to bring any food or drinks you would like onboard. There is plenty of room for everyone.

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