Ocean Sailing

Sail the boat that sailed the world! 

Join Captain Steve Butz and prepare yourself for a very different Ocean City attraction! This is not the Sea Rocket! We will depart promptly at the scheduled start time- this varies depending on the day- and will head out for an unforgettable sail on the Atlantic Ocean. Watch OC fade into the horizon as the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean waters surround the boat. The fun really begins when the diesel engines cut off and the boat moves along effortlessly under only sail power. Yes, this trip is about sailing! Pods of dolphins often playfully swim right off the bow of the boat, making a once in a lifetime natural experience! There is plenty of room aboard Alyosha for you to spread out and enjoy yourself- we encourage guests to utilize the wide trampolines in front of the boat for lounging.

Note on Birthdays and Anniversaries:

One of the great surprises of our first year (2019) of operations was how many people decided to celebrate their anniversaries and/or birthdays with us! (There were a few weddings and a proposal as well...) Let us know if you are celebrating something with your cruise: We now have anniversary and birthday flags- complete with a nautical number set- that we hope you will consider raising during the sail.

There is a two person minimum for this sailing trip on morning journeys, and a 4 person minimum for afternoon sails.

  • Unfortunately, there are no scheduled trips for this type of Experience.
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